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appCD Becomes a Silver Member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

March 20, 2024 appCD

Paris, France, KubeCon - March 20, 2024 - appCD today announced that it has joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as a Silver Member, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and open-source technologies. Closely following the company’s official launch, appCD will help CNCF members adopt cloud-native technologies and open source tools including Terraform and Helm while leveraging its extensive network and resources.

​​"Joining the CNCF as a Silver Member is a strategic step for us,” stated Danielle Cook, VP at appCD, CNCF Ambassador and organizer of the CNCF Cartografos Working Group. “It aligns with our commitment to developer-first, cloud-native principles and also allows us to collaborate with the community shaping the future of software development. We're excited to contribute to the shared knowledge and further the CNCF's mission to drive  adoption of cloud-native technologies."

appCD automatically generates Infrastructure from Code (IfC) using application code, eliminating the need for code annotation or extensive configuration coding. With appCD, DevSecOps can analyze, visualize, and generate open source infrastructure as code (IaC) with golden standards automatically applied, bypassing the need for manual IaC creation or “golden templates” that quickly get out of date. Built for platform engineers and DevOps teams tasked with improving the developer experience and enforcing standards, appCD reduces software development lifecycle (SDLC) bottlenecks, minimizes liabilities, and eliminates cognitive overload. 

Meet with appCD at KubeCon by getting in contact or attend The Business Benefits of Cloud Native presented by Danielle Cook, VP at appCD and panelists from the Cartografos Working Group. 

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