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appCD Launches Generative Infrastructure from Code; Secures $6M in Seed Funding

March 5, 2024 appCD

Auto-generated infrastructure configuration from application code revolutionizes application deployment, makes for efficient and secure application deployments

San Francisco, CA - March 5, 2024 - appCD today unveiled early access to its generative Infrastructure from Code (IfC) software and announced $6 million in seed funding. appCD uses application code to generate Infrastructure from Code automatically, no code annotation or extensive configuration coding required. With appCD, DevSecOps can analyze, visualize and generate infrastructure as code (IaC) with golden standards automatically applied. Backed by notable venture capital firms Thomvest Ventures, WestWave Capital, FireBolt, and Secure Octane, appCD will utilize the funding to speed product development, drive its go-to-market strategy, and fuel company growth. 

“We are on a mission to remove the burden of Infrastructure as Code by auto-generating it from the application code itself while automatically applying operations and security standards,” said Sachin Aggarwal, co-founder and CEO of appCD. “Our goal is to enable any user to securely deploy applications to any cloud without delay by being application-centric, cloud-agnostic and developer-first. We are thrilled to partner with top-notch investors that support our mission in bringing this revolutionary technology to DevOps and developers around the world.”

IaC has helped ease the scaling and automation of cloud infrastructure provisioning, but application deployment remains complex and difficult to collaborate on. Platform engineers, developers and security teams must align on compliance, security, and operation standards, and then implement those standards in practice. This requires developers to be experts on not just application development, but also cloud infrastructure and IaC, placing burden on developers and bottlenecks as DevOps reviews deployments.

Unlike manual IaC creation or “golden templates” that quickly get out of date, appCD generates IaC automatically from the application code, without requiring any code changes, and applies preset standards. appCD analyzes, visualizes and generates Infrastructure from Code: 

  • Analyze: Reviews Python and Java code to understand infrastructure and cloud dependencies and infer API, service configuration, ingress/egress, environment variables. 
  • Visualize: Creates a view of the deployment architecture, enabling users to enhance it with simple drag and drop functionality and connections with guardrails, validating resources. 
  • Generate: Creates Terraform or Helm charts based on the application’s inferred cloud dependencies and automatically applies golden standards at creation, complying with HIPAA, NIST-CSF, PCI, GDPR regulations.

"Thomvest Ventures invests in innovative and disruptive companies with a differentiated technology platform led by strong entrepreneurs in cloud, cybersecurity, and AI infrastructure,” said Umesh Padval, Managing Director at Thomvest Ventures. “We are very excited about our latest investment in appCD, which is at the intersection of all three verticals, solving a real problem by enabling any application developer to securely and automatically deploy applications to any cloud with minimum latency. We are thrilled to partner with serial entrepreneurs, Sachin Agarwal and Asif Awan, in building a category-leading company."

“The holy grail of accelerating deployment of applications in the cloud requires the ability to create infrastructure as code in an automated, secure way with least privileges, and aligned to architectural best practices,” said Vishal Gupta, CIO and CTO, Lexmark International. “appCD is closest to making this vision happen right from application code itself and bringing stellar value to platform teams.” 

appCD streamlines the application deployment process by removing bottlenecks and enabling accelerated time to market. Standards are built into the application’s auto-generated deployment configuration, not scanned after the fact. Cloud is secure by default, while the security team still controls and enforces the applied policies. Teams are aligned across the business as IaC is auto-generated based on the needs of the application code, meaning deployed application is supported with right-sized infrastructure resources with least-privilege access controls.

Early access will support Python and Java programming languages and AWS, with support for Azure coming soon.To try appCD, visit


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