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appCD Expands Infrastructure from Code with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Support

April 9, 2024 appCD

San Francisco, CA - April 9, 2024 - appCD today announced its generative infrastructure from code solution now supports Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Platform teams can set golden standards at the infrastructure layer to enable developers to easily create infrastructure as code (IaC) from application code without annotation or extensive configuration required.

“When we released early access of our generative Infrastructure from Code (IfC) last month, we promised to add new languages, cloud platforms and deployment services quickly to give teams b​​road compatibility and flexibility,” stated Asif Awan, co-founder and CPO of appCD. “Support for Azure AKS reflects our deep commitment to removing the burden of IaC so that users can securely deploy applications to any cloud without delay.” 

appCD automatically generates Infrastructure from Code (IfC) using application code allowing developers and platform teams to analyze, visualize, and generate open source IaC with golden standards automatically applied. It helps bypass the need for manual IaC creation or “golden templates” that quickly get out of date. Built for platform engineers, DevOps and developers in mind, appCD improves the developer experience and enforces standards to reduce the software development lifecycle (SDLC) bottlenecks, minimize liabilities, and eliminate cognitive overload. 

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